“You know how many actors come in here and say ‘I just got this last night or I got it two days ago’?…And you know what I say? ‘So did the person that’s going to fuckin’ book it’ Jonathan Stanley is the owner of Hot Shots Self Taping in LA. Over the years he has seen thousands and thousands of auditions. On this episode he comes on to explain what that’s taught him. As an actor Jonathan has landed roles on projects such as ‘Timeless,’ ‘Batman v Superman,’ ‘Lucifer,’ ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, ‘Agents of Shield,’ ‘Aquarius,’ ‘CSI Cyber,’ ‘The Last Ship,’ ‘Too Close To Home,’ and many more. Currently, he plays Officer Lawrence Griffin on the Freeform TV series ‘Good Trouble.’ and is featured in the 2019 Sundance Award winning film ‘The Infiltrators.’

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